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In the Creation story God goes out of His way, after each accomplishment to note, that it was good. This is not just God making a comment on His work as it is God taking great delight and pleasure in His creation. To be able to create is amazing! But to appreciate and enjoy it is miraculous. 

Possession or Passion 

Often juxtaposed is

The unique possession of a gift or talent

versus the passionate appreciation of the same

Being not a bearer of both I can only surmise 


Whether the possession of a blessed gift or the deep appreciation of such is of greater value 

But this I know

They are seldom coupled

As the possessor of great beauty rarely gives notice to that which rivets

another's attention


Whether musician or artist

They are much robbed if

Deliberate brush strokes or orchestral notes

Be considered as only filler for canvas or notes for symphony

Rather than to be awe-filled

By the gift

And the One who gives them